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Gordon Close

Founder, Guitars For The Troops

Lt. Col. Aaron Termain

U.S. Army (Ret.)

     Harvest Guitars For The Troops provides free acoustic guitar packages to active-duty soldiers serving around the world, wounded warriors recuperating from their injuries, and U.S. military veterans who may be suffering from TBI or PTSD. And we provide these wonderful guitar packages at NO COST to the soldier or veteran.

Our Package

All donations are tax-deductible through Close Music Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Staff Sergeant Justin Rook

U.S. Army


“I would like to personally thank you for your support for U.S. military members serving overseas. I also want to thank you for the guitars you sent to me and the soldiers. I cannot tell you how much these guitars are going to help build relationships between friends and allies.” 

Our Program

“Adaptive music is such a powerful tool for our soldiers to help improve those activities of daily living.  Learning new techniques of how to play an instrument, learning how to play the guitar, the chords, it helps my soldiers in so many different ways.”

“Guitars For The Troops is an excellent program. To me, music allows you to express creativity and allows you to put your emotions that you’re feeling aside, whether it’s good, bad, happy or sad. When you come back from deployment, a lot of these soldiers are going through tough times and music allows them to express their feelings, whether it’s writing lyrics or playing along on the guitar.”

Our Purpose


     The Harvest Guitar Troop Package, valued at over $600.00, contains everything a soldier needs to start playing guitar and enjoying the benefits of music therapy. Package includes a Harvest acoustic guitar, a soft case, shoulder strap, guitar strings, extra picks, and an instructional book with practice CDs.

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Major B. Bedell

U.S. Army

     Harvest Guitars For The Troops is committed to providing quality guitar packages to service men and women around the world. Benefits of playing the guitar include musical enjoyment, education, music therapy and physical rehabilitation.  At Harvest Guitars For The Troops, we respect the soldiers who currently serve in the military and honor those veterans who have given so much to protect our great nation.

     Your $250.00 donation will deliver one complete Harvest Guitar Troop Package to an active duty soldier or veteran in need. Please donate any amount as all donations will be combined to deliver as many packages as possible to the troops.