The following video clip is an excerpt from the recently released documentary ACRONYM: The Cross-Generational Battle With PTSD. This short vignette discusses how guitar music can be effective as an alternative therapy for battling PTSD. To receive a free DVD of the documentary, please go to

“I hope everybody continues to support Guitars For The Troops.”

     Your $200.00 donation will deliver one complete Harvest Guitar Troop Package to an active duty soldier or veteran in need. Please donate any amount as all donations will be combined to deliver as many packages as possible to the troops.

Using Guitars As Therapy For PTSD

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Staff Sergeant Justin Rook

U.S. Army

“It gets me feeling like I’m giving something back to my country which is extremely important.  I think America owes these warriors an enormous debt and the guitar, wonderfully donated, is just a small part of helping them to heal.”



Major R. Thelen

U.S. Army

Danny Pitcher

Volunteer Guitar Instructor

Fort Carson Warrior Transition Battalion

“Most of the time I can just shut off everything and go into my own world, and I just feel the notes and the harmonies of playing the guitar and how it just takes all the pain away and everything. I don’t think about anything else, it just calms me down.”

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“It’s such a powerful tool because it helps the TBI soldier with the cognitive impairment. Learning how to strum the guitar, learning how to finger the chords, it forces that individual’s brain to rewire itself and adapt to the impairment. For my post-traumatic stress soldiers, learning how to play a song, learning these skills, helps them with the issues that they deal with when handling their post-traumatic stress.”

“I would also like to thank you for your support of the U.S. military and the beautiful guitars you sent. I watched as eyes lit up when they pulled those guitars out of the boxes. I can personally attest to the fact that you had a direct impact on the morale of some fantastic soldiers.”

Staff Sergeant Chris Holland
U.S. Army

Lt. Col. Aaron Termain
U.S. Army (Ret.)

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